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The Lawn Ranger Annual Service Program

Our annual service program assures that your lawn is treated on-time, and with the appropriate fertilizer, weed, and insect controls to promote a healthy and beautiful turf. As part of the annual program, The Lawn Ranger will evaluate your lawn and make recommendations for specific initial treatments, as well as on-going services. Just give us a call to set up an appointment. Your lawn will be glad you did!

Program Description

Early Spring

Balanced fertilization to stimulate a thick, green lawn. A crabgrass pre-emergent control to stop crabgrass before it starts, plus weed control as needed.

Late Spring

This treatment consists of a balanced fertilizer with slow release nitrogen and a broadleaf weed spray to eliminate germinating weeds.


Dry, granular fertilizer with slow release nitrogen, surface insect controls applied to reduce sod webworms, fleas, and ticks as needed. Soil testing is available, upon request, to determine necessity of lime or sulfur.

Early Fall

Application includes a very heavy rate of dry, granular fertilizer with slow release nitrogen and a weed spray to eliminate fall-germinating broadleaf weeds.

Late Fall

Quick-release, balanced fertilizer for color, growth, and to promote root development and turf density, plus broadleaf weed control as weather permits.

The Lawn Ranger provides weed control for a healthy, beautiful lawn