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Dry Fertilizer Application

Slow release balanced, dry fertilizer generally gives a slightly longer residual effect than liquid fertilizer, and is less likely to cause burn during hot, dry weather. Fertilizer is applied as part of the annual service program several times during the year.

Core Aeration

Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn. Particularly helpful to lawns compacted by heavy traffic and play, core aeration helps decompose thatch, increases water and nutrient movement into the soil, improves root development, and reduces fertilizer and pesticide runoff. Our technicians will evaluate your lawn and recommend aeration if necessary. The Lawn Ranger offers core aeration as an optional service.


Overseeding is simply the application of grass seed over an existing lawn to help fill in thin areas and areas with weed problems. Typically, The Lawn Ranger will overseed your lawn in early fall to give the new grass a head start in establishing roots before winter. If overseeding is necessary for your lawn, your Lawn Ranger technician will discuss this optional service with you and provide a quotation.

Lawn Weed Control

A healthy, vigorous turf is your best protection against weeds. But weeds can still invade your lawn. During the growing season, as part of the normal annual program, The Lawn Ranger applies a variety of weed control products to assure a healthy turf. These include dry pre-emergence crab grass control, and spray applications of broadleaf weed herbicide.

Lime Application

Turf grasses do not grow well in acid soils. Acid soils can be brought about by the leaching of calcium and manganese, the yearly application of nitrogen fertilizers and even by local well water which is acidic in many areas in and around Roanoke. The application of lime corrects soil acidity, furnishes calcium and magnesium to the plants, and promotes the availability of important plant nutrients. The Lawn Ranger technicians can perform a soil test to determine soil acidity, and will make a recommendation for an optional lime application based on the results of that test.

Grub and Insect Control

Grubs and insects can do considerable damage to your lawn if left untreated. Typically, dead patches in an otherwise healthy lawn indicate the presence of grubs or other insect infestations. The Lawn Ranger will evaluate these conditions and recommend a specific treatment to control these pests. These optional services will be quoted based on the type of insects and areas to be treated.

Soil Testing

A soil test measures the acidity of the soil and the availability of essential nutrients. The Lawn Ranger technician will take soil samples from several areas of your lawn for laboratory testing. The soil test results will be the basis for any recommendations regarding lime application and, if necessary, changes to our fertilization schedule. Soil testing is a no-charge service of The Lawn Ranger.

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